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True American Handyman specializes in minor repairs, maintenance, and installations. We do what needs to be done. Whether you already have the materials or need them picked up, we've got you covered. From hanging shelves and replacing light bulbs, to fixing drywall and assembling furniture, we do it all.

We are committed to absolute professionalism and take great pride in our customers' satisfaction. Don’t wait to get it fixed — get started today!

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Have a TV that you would like to mount to the wall? Need a new ceiling fan installed? Want to update a light switch or change out a light fixture? Need some pictures hung up? Almost any and every kind of installation you need is just a phone call away! Let us know what we can get installed for you!

Installing Shelves


When something breaks, it doesn't necessarily need to be replaced. A lot of the time it can be fixed and work better than before! Give us a call and we'll do our best to save you money!

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Our technicians can provide maintenance for whatever you may have that needs some elbow grease to keep on going! Let us know what needs you may have!



Bed frames, cabinets, book shelves, desks, we can put it all together! Whether it be one piece of furniture or enough furniture for the whole house, we got you covered!

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